Thailand, the Constitutional Monarchy for Health Tourism

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations from Southeast Asia attracting around 15 million tourists every year. Medical tourism has added yet another dimension to its tourism popularity due to growing demand for low-priced cosmetic and other treatments in western countries. Services typically sought by tourists in Thailand include cheap plastic surgeries to more serious life-saving medical procedures. Statics indicate that the cost of surgery in Thailand can be one-tenth of what it is in Australia or United States.

Popular medical treatments and plastic surgeries in Thailand include breast implants and breast augmentations surgeries. Thousands of patients travel to Thailand, particularly from Latin America, Europe and Australia. They are lured by the repute of Thailand doctors (as many of them carry US/UK professional certification), extremely low prices added to high levels of personalized care, world renowned rich and mystical cultural heritage.

Seekers of medical ailments get to explore exotic and culturally distinct destinations spread throughout its 76 provinces ranging from mountainous north to sultry south. Tourism authority of Thailand aims at promoting Thailand medical tourism as a global centre of excellence in medical tourism industry. The body has listed several accredited hospitals, clinics, spas and Thai traditional medicine practitioners for tourists to easily locate and avail credible and safe medical services in Thailand.

There are around 700 government and 300 private hospitals and thanks to their efficient, cost-effective and luxurious health care facilities, tourists can combine health and holiday aspects of travel and enjoy great savings in time and money.

Thailand has glorious beaches, tropical climate, delicious cuisine and friendly people, all adding to an unforgettable experience. Tourists can easily plan and organize their entire trip with health and holiday partners for all transfers, hotel accommodations, appointment with doctors, healthcare treatment bookings, sightseeing tours as well as entertainment attractions.

From exotic beaches and islands, to eco-tourism, historical sightseeing, astounding nightlife and several excursion trips, Thailand can provide a precise combination of excellent, exotic locales and leisure that you may desire.


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Phuket Hotels for a Thailand Experience

One option for Phuket hotels is Serenity Terraces.  This hotel is secluded by coconut trees on Chalong Bay.  They have thirty seven beachfront suites and four residences to take advantage of.  With a twenty five minute drive to Phuket City and Patong Beach guests can experience a great deal of enjoyments around Phuket hotels.  There is a complimentary shuttle bus that brings guests into the shopping centers such as Jungceylon, as well as bringing them to Central Festival.

Your dream vacation will be complete with Phuket hotels when you see the private pools many of them have as part of the residences.  Every comfort you could desire will be at Phuket hotels where luxury is the name of the game.  The hotels offer a tropical architecture with modern appeal.

As you check in you’ll be pampered by top staff, willing and able to make your stay perfect at Phuket hotels.  Wonder out to one of the pools and find it is an ocean front pool with only a wall between the pool and ocean.  Windsurfing, scuba diving, and other water sports are possible right from the pool deck.

Never gone scuba diving before?  Sign up for lessons and see the wonders of the underwater world.  Thailand is known for their reefs, sea turtles, tropical fish, the occasional reef shark, and crystal clear water.  Rent a boat around Phuket hotels for a day cruise.

Phuket hotels have more amenities than just the activities of the town and tropical location you have chosen for that dream vacation.  You’ll find modern amenities are offered in each of the rooms such as iPod docking stations, flat screen TV, internet access, en suite bathrooms, blackout drapes, in room safes, maid service and much more.

If all that is still not enough Phuket hotels offer relaxation in their spas.  A Thailand experience is not complete until you find the time to relax with a salt, honey, or herbal scrub, full body massage, and other therapies.

The business guest can also find some wonderful options at Phuket hotels.  Whether you need personnel to help you or equipment to talk with your partners around the world, you can find these modern amenities. Phuket hotels are designed to ensure you have luxury, comfort, relaxation, and any service you could possibly need for the perfect vacation or business holiday.  Luxury is synonymous with Phuket accommodations with reflecting pools, spas, and any water activities you could wish to try.

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Amazing Deals For Thailand Hotels

The country of Thailand is such an incredible place. This is simply because Thailand boasts of both traditional and modern treasures which are still all rich in Thai influences. From the various temples or Wats that can be found all over Thailand to the high end shopping malls that fills up its bustling capital of Bangkok, there’s still no denying the fact that the Thai people have always kept their rich and unique culture in tact in spite of the times.

Aside from being a popular place for cheap shopping finds and the incredible Buddhas and temples, Thailand is also well-known for its amazing beaches. From Phuket to Krabi, Thailand is just filled with all sorts of natural wonders which continue to enchant and mesmerize tourists from all over the globe.

Given that Thailand has grown to be such a popular country to visit for tourists from different parts of the world, there have been so many developments all over Thailand – not just in Bangkok but in its other cities as well. From resorts and shopping malls, developments for hotels are of course not far behind. Bangkok, for example, is just teeming with all sorts of hotels, both big and small- from five star Thailand hotels that cater travelers who are looking for a more high-end way of enjoying the sights and sounds of the country to the various hostels offering a more budget-friendly way for tourists to enjoy their time in Thailand.

When it comes to variety, Thailand hotels are definitely nothing short of it. Whatever type of accommodation travelers are seeking, they are sure to be able to find that in any city in Thailand. While there are the luxurious five-star hotels in this country, families as well as groups traveling to Thailand opt to book in three-star hotels which offer comfortable amenities but at less the cost. Meanwhile, ultimate budget travelers usually opt for the hostels that can be found in different parts of the city. While there are some limitations to these kinds of accommodations, travelers still don’t mind in making hostels as their temporary home in Thailand.

For the best rates on Thailand hotels and hostels, do remember to always be on the lookout for sales or just simply book early as hotels tend to offer big discounts for early reservations. This is especially true for sale season as hotels eventually get fully booked once the special events and festivals are going to be held. If you are not going to make your booking through a travel agency then you are sure to get a better discount by booking through online booking sites instead. Just remember that when it comes to booking a hotel in a country like Thailand, rates and amenities are not that only important things that you should take notice but as well as the location of the hotel. Make sure that it is in a favorable location. Hopefully somewhere near major shopping and tourist sites as well as major transportations like subways etc. so that you do not end up spending more on transportation alone.

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