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Bangkok – The city
The city of Bangkok (The capital of Thailand) lies in the heart of the country. It serves not only as Thailand’s capital it is also Thailand’s largest city. Bangkok is a hit among foreigners for its booming tourism industry. There is an array of famous and interesting destinations for example Chitralada, Royal Grand Palace, Erawan Shrine, Wat Pho, the Reclining Buddha, the Bangkok National Museum, the Bangkok University Art Gallery and many more. In Thailand Bangkok is indeed the place to be.

Bangkok condo rental
For those planning to stay for quite a while, Bangkok condominiums (or condos) are readily available. In addition the Condos for sale and for rent can be a good investment for the university student, the young professional, the bachelor, or event the foreigner who’s planning a long term visit.

Living in a condo in Bangkok
Living in a condominium in Bangkok has its benefits. For one, it is relatively affordable, upkeep is generally cheap and, safety is also somewhat guaranteed by the building security team prevalent in most condo projects.

Condo communities
A condo owner can become part of an exclusive community of fellow owner with most condo developments having spas, gyms, saunas, swimming pools and last but not least a library.

Condo investments
A lot of foreigners invest in condo units because it is the only form of asset a foreigner can claim legal possession of. Buying or renting a condo unit in Bangkok is also assisted as there are a myriad of resources in the form of real estate consultants and property agents there to assist in making the process less tiresome. Nowadays, buying or leasing a condo unit has become really expedient.

Condo listings
If you are particularly interested in condo living in Bangkok but you’re still in another country, you can easily check the listings over the internet. The listings of rental properties in Bangkok are usually and mostly located in the most pleasing districts for residential areas. So you can be assured that even if you don’t get to accomplish a viewing at least you know, the condo unit is situated favorably.

Bangkok Condo for Rent and Bangkok Condo for sale
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Adventurous Thailand

Most of the resorts in the coast offer adventure games like paragliding, bungee jumping and jet skiing. So, free falling from great heights and cutting through the water at great speeds in easily achievable. For people who enjoy exploring life underwater, places like Phuket and Phi Phi Islands offer diving, snorkeling and also submarine drives.

Many people confine themselves to the south of Thailand and make a mistake of not travelling north. The Northern Thailand is full of adventure with high mountains and terrains with challenging forest areas and waterfalls. Trekking is a very big business in this part of the country and the peak season for trekking is between November and February. During this period the air is clear and the weather is also apt. There are many services in the provinces of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son and Pai that offer trekking tours. The trekking often lasts between three to five days and you will need a good pair of trekking shoes and a back pack to encounter the heat.

The trekking tour is lead by a guide who will take you through small ethnic villages of Lisu, Karen, Meo, Akha and Paduang. All these tribes are very different from each other with different language, dress and culture. These people have migrated to this part of Thailand and also to Vietnam from China within the last century. The trek tour will also include rafting and elephant riding too.

If rafting while trekking is not good enough adventure for you then there are many services that offers the white water variety. In the rainy season starts from June to January and the water level raises with intense rainfalls and it adds to the fun. Pai is the place where you can find the best of such services.

If you are a biker then Thailand offers the best off road motorcycle riding in the world. The roads passing through the mountain regions with awesome and flabbergasting scenery are simply excellent. There are many developed motels and restaurants in the route and you will never be in need of anything while riding as it makes you forget almost everything. You can chose to go on a tour or hire your own bike/ Chiang Mai offers the best services when it comes to renting bikes. It is good to have a guide with you while travelling off roads; someone who knows the place very well.

Also nowadays mountain biking is getting really popular and there are many operators who run tours. Thailand is a must go place for people who love to live their life at its fullest. You can have almost everything in Thailand. From serenity to adventure; you can get almost everything and the best part is, all these comes real cheap

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