Why We Love Thailand?

The answer is not hard to forecast. The answer is the impression of the plentiful of food, culture and tourism. However, Thailand met with breakage of concept in politics in social.

So, I would like to make question with Thai people that what you are thinking about with this question.

For me the answer Thailand is the land of smile. Thailand is the land that I always love and warm. We are lucky that we have the majesty the king that great and refuge.

He takes care of living of Thai people. Besides, Thailand has a good culture and manner.  Thai people are full of kindness that are indentify of Thai.

But Thai people never use the lucky to be benefit. Thailand will success or not is not depend on only one people. But are from the participation of Thai people, more people generate to more idea that are normal.

Social that have different of idea can be walk together. But we have to use love and unity. If we have a problem we will go to make it. Thailand is a Buddhism country.

We mature by dogma that logic. But we have to cut selfish. And consider using your consciousness. You have to responsible of your duty of Thai.

You can different of Thinking but don’t become divided.  Thailand will become ware nice and growth. Even in the past we have the conflict of thinking.

But now we will see smile face appear on Thai people. Friendship still is in Thai. This is an important thing. This is cultivate when we was kids.

Finally, we are Thai even many things happen with Thai.  If you go to country side you will see smile is not go away. I think that event that happen is not concern with Thai people but it is a politics. Culture and identify of Thai still fine I can feel that. This is a reason that I love Thailand.

As of the Thai people we would like to invite all people to visit Thailand. See identify of our culture, see friendship of Thailand, see kindness of Thailand.

Even politic are will be but we are still same. As of Royal View Resort, we would like to welcome all guests and meet with our hospitality and warm welcome.

Best hospitality with friendly price and friendly staff are waiting for you. We are located in Rangnam Road. We will sure that if you stay here you will comfort to travel around Bangkok. Sky-Train can avoid traffic jam in Bangkok.




Editor’s Note:

Royal View Resort is a leading 3-star hotel with focus on best price and value relations. Located at Rangnam Road near the Victory Monument, the hotel offers easy access to Bangkok’s Mass Transport system (BTS sky-train) and the new Airport Express Train (Airport Link). Please book at our website and receive special privileges and deals.

Royal View Resort, Rangnam, Bangkok

Diving Similan Islands, Thailand

The word Similan is actually derived from the Malay word for nine – Simbilan. Comprised of nine granite islands that run from north to the south in the Andaman Sea off the western coast of Thailand, the National Park also includes Koh Bon, a limestone island that lies 30 kms to the north. Diving Similan Islands is widely regarded as the finest in Thailand.

The water temperature around the Similan Islands varies between 27 and 29 degrees celcius. Depending on environmental factors the clarity (visibility) ranges from 10 – 30m. Much of the reason for the clear waters around the park is due to the fact that there are no large rivers in the area that would otherwise bring silt and sediment and thus disturb the clarity of the water.

On the eastern coastlines of the islands divers can enjoy sloping fringe reefs in protected bay areas, here tranquil coral gardens create a myriad of colors. Soft purple and red corals bring the reefs to life whilst dense schools of glass fish congregate above. Whilst on the western facing coasts the topography of the Similans has become famous the world over for its gigantic granite boulders that stack up against one and other. Encrusted gorgonian fans sway in the currents that bring nutrient rich waters and often larger fish than you might expect on the eastern facing coasts. To be able to enjoy such contrasting topographical features over such a realtively small area is why the Similan Islands has become so popular to dive travelers the world over.

Of the large pelagics that you might expect encounters with, leopard sharks are not uncommon. Usually lying in deeper waters on sandy ledges its best to approach from the front or side so that they can see you approach, do so cautiously and its quite likely it’ll allow you to get within reasonable distance for a photo. Manta rays can sometimes seen gliding past on the deeper boulder sites and even the whale shark has been known to make an appearance. There’s also an abundance of macro life to be found, look on the underhangs of coral bombies for ghost pipe fish. Frog fish, although masters of disguise, can also be found for those with keen eyes. Colorful ribbon eels usually prefer to be in deeper waters in sandy rubbly areas and make good photo subjects.

All in all diving Similan Islands make for a great holiday getaway, with a whole range of liveaboards and day trip options on offer it still an attracive destination for even the most seasoned diver.

After ten years of worldwide dive travel and professional employment we created a travel company that seeks to enter Asia’s most remote and exciting locations for experiences above and below the surface Dive Safari Asia. For photos, video footage, destination guides and details of our tours visit Diving Asia.

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Phuket Hotels – Phuket, Thailand


Phuket, formerly known as Tha-Laang or Talang, is one of the southern provinces of Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are from north clockwise Phang Nga and Krabi, but as Phuket is an island there are no land boundaries. The island is served by Phuket International Airport, located in the north of the island. Phuket Hotels – The Palms, Kamala Beach.

The ph of “Phuket” is an aspirated a soft “f”, so the name is pronounced roughly “Puck-get”. The name Phuket is apparently derived from the word Bukit in Malay which means mountain or hill, as this is what the island appears like from a distance.

Before that its old name was Ta-lang: The word is derived from the old Malay “Telong” which means “Cape”, which is still in use for one of the main districts in the Phuket area.

Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand, located in the Andaman Sea off southern Thailand. The island is mostly mountainous with a mountain range in the west of the island from the north to the south. The mountains of Phuket form the southern end of the Phuket Mountain range, which ranges for 440 km from the Kra Isthmus. The highest elevation of the island is Mai Thao Sip Song (Twelve Canes), at 529 m above sea level. Phuket Hotels – The Palms, Kamala Beach.


70% of the island is covered by forest. The western coast has mainly white sandy beaches, while on the east coast the beaches are more often muddy. Near the southernmost point is Laem Promthep (Brahma’s Cape), which is a popular sunset viewing point.

In the mountainous north of the island is the Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Sanctuary, protecting more than 20 km² of rain forest. The three highest peaks of this reserve are the Khao Prathiu (384 m), Khao Bang Pae (388 m) and Khao Phara (422 m). The Sirinat National Park on the northwestern coast was established in 1981 and protects an area of 90 km² (68 km² marine area), including the Nai Yang beach where sea turtles lay their eggs.

Phuket is one of the most popular tourist areas in Thailand, with most of the hotels and resorts being located on the central western coast of the island. Most of Phuket’s nightlife, and also its cheap shopping is located on the west coast. Patong, one very busy area means “the forest filled with banana leaves” in Thai.


With all of the popular beaches found on the west coast of the island, they are (from North to South) Bang Tao, Surin, Kamala Beach, Patong, Karon Beach, Kata Beach, Kata Noi Beach, and around the southern tip of the island, Nai Harn Beach. Most beaches are generally much less well developed than Patong is, and are sought out by individuals, families and other groups with a preference for more relaxed and less crowded environs than that found in Patong.

Phuket Hotels – The Palms, Kamala Beach.


Tin mining was the major source of income for the island since the 16th Century. Chinese businessmen and Chinese workers were employed in the mines. Most were Hakka Chinese, and their influence on Phuket culture and cuisine can still be felt today. With falling tin prices, the mining has now all but ceased. Nowadays, Phuket’s economy rests on two pillars: rubber tree plantations (making Thailand the biggest producer of rubber in the world) and tourism.

Since the 1980’s Phuket has become one of the major tourist attractions of Thailand, and most of the sandy beaches on the western coast of the island have been heavily developed into tourist centres, with Patong, Karon and Kata being the most popular ones.

An ideal family location to select is the beautiful Kamala Beach, which is Phuket’s only real village and beach destination. Originally a small fishing village, it has slowly developed over the years, but it still has much of its original charm. Add the regular local market, together with plenty of shops, bars, restaurants, Kamala is proving to be a favourite with tourists from around the world.

Phuket along with its stunning beaches, and picture-perfect landscape, has seen an increase in tourists that has been amazing. Since the 2004 Tsunami, all damaged buildings and attractions have been completely restored, and Phuket is now more popular than ever, with its year round tropical climate, it is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

If you have not yet visited Phuket, then maybe now is the time to do so. There are many bargains to be had from Phuket Hotels, who are offering some really low accommodation rates in order to try to boost tourism during the current world recession. Don’t forget to check out the great value serviced apartments that are now starting to appear in Phuket.

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